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Coco Peat Manufacturing

At Fibre Family, the Coco Peat Manufacturing is an eight stage process with strict quality checking before they are shipped to our customers.


Step 1: Coconut Husk Processing

Coconut husks are processed at our Coconut Fibre Mills to extract coir fibre, leaving behind the byproduct – a spongy material that binds the coconut fibre in the husk – the coco coir or the coco peat, the main raw material for the Coco Coir based Growing Medium


Step 2: Washing of Raw Coco Peat

Coir Pith is washed with fresh water to lower the electrical conductivity which is a measure of the salt content, so that plants roots can absorb water efficiently


Step 3: Drying of Washed Coco Peat

Wet Coir pith are then sun-dried in concrete yards to reduce the moisture content to the right value so as to achieve the required compaction


Step 4: Sorting

Dried Coir Pith are sorted based on their electrical conductivity and moisture level


Step 5: Sifting and Sieving

Sorted Coir Pith is sifted and sieved to remove the fine dust particles and extract the right sized grains as per the growing medium specification


Step 6 (Optional): Mixing of Coco Peat, Coco Chips and Coco Coir

Sifted coco pith is mixed with coco chips and coco coir, as per the substrate specifications, mechanically, to obtain a homogeneous mixture


Step 7: Compaction of Coco Peat

Substrate mixture is compacted in hydraulic presses to the required size


Step 8: Pack & Despatch

Individual coco substrates are packed as per the specifications (sealed in growbags or shrink wrapped with / without label or packed in cartons) and are then moved to our stock godown for palletising and shipment

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Coco Peat Blocks

Coco Peat Block 5kg

Washed Low EC and Unwashed High EC coco peat blocks

Coco Peat 5Kg Blocks

Coco Peat Growbags

Coco Growbag

Bespoke composition coco peat grwobag slabs for professional growers and greenhouse cultivation

Coco Peat Growbags

Coco Chips

Coco Chips

Coconut husk cut into small chip pieces and graded according to the size

Coco Chips

Coco Peat Briquette

Cocopeat Briquette

Coco Peat Briquettes individually shrink wrapped with label and packed in cartons for distribution in retail stores

Coco Peat Briquettes

Coco Peat Tablets

Coco Peat Tablets

Disc shaped coco peat tablets for seedlings and planting in pots

Coco Peat Tablets

Cocopeat Compost

Cocopeat Compost Pot

Naturally aged, organic composted coco peat, enriched with Asola and Neem Cake

Cocopeat Compost

Coco Peat Seed Starter

Cocopeat Seed Starter

Coco peat filled in a bio-degradable porous non-woven fabric tubes and compressed

Coco Peat Seed Starter